make money small town

You should afford yourself all the things in life regardless of where you live. But not everyone gets to live in a big city. Quite the opposite, some people prefer living in small towns like Canon, Georgia.

And for small-town folk, what are the options for making big money? No doubt investment is a hot topic nowadays and a popular way to make money. Since Americans are investing more than ever, let’s see how to make money living in a small town.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Living in a small town doesn’t mean you don’t have a solid internet connection. As more people are working remote jobs, there isn’t a better time to try that than now. One of the most popular remote jobs is becoming a virtual assistant.

This isn’t a difficult job and it doesn’t require having skills never before heard. As a virtual assistant, your job will be to post on social media and help smaller businesses run their day-to-day operations. And the best way to start as a virtual assistant is for a small business.

That way, you will gain the necessary experience and knowledge to move on to bigger projects.


Working as a photographer in a small town might seem unwise, especially since there will be fewer people interested in buying your photos. But finding people to sell your work to isn’t a problem at all when working as a photographer.

Being a photographer in a small town is actually a good thing for your profile. Smaller towns are much less people-polluted and have more scenery. You can make it your niche to take photos of the surrounding areas, which will mostly be fields, forests, and plenty of greenery.

These photos can sell a lot. And you can sell your work online on numerous platforms that connect photographers with clients. The low cost of living is one financial advantage of small towns. This advantage is just what you need to go on trips to the surrounding areas and take quality photos at any time of the day.


Working as a handyman in your small town has the potential to turn into a business. People will always need handyman services. So if you’re quite savvy with a toolbox, then that might just be the thing you need to make money living in a small town.

To become a handyman, you need to know how to be a fixer. You also need to be aware of how to solve each issue before it turns into a problem for your clients. Naturally, being passionate about DIY comes in handy.

And if you’re living in a relatively small town like Canon, Georgia, then you’ve certainly done a few projects around the house. That’s exactly the sort of skillset needed to help you turn a passion for DIY into a lucrative service.

Airbnb Host

Living in a small town doesn’t mean other people don’t want to come over and visit what your small town offers. When that’s the case, what better way to make money than to be an Airbnb host?

Airbnb is a service where you rent part of your home or the entire home to strangers. When we put it like that, it doesn’t sound too good. But Airbnb is a well-established service in the traveling community and very reliable.

This means you won’t have any issues with people that want to rent your property. If your small town is particularly known for something and is a frequent destination for tourists, then you can potentially make thousands of dollars each month. But to be an Airbnb host in a small town, the town must have tourist potential.

Towing Service

Drivers on the road will always require towing services. This sad reality can potentially turn into a profitable business. Travelers will no doubt pass through your town when going somewhere. And some of these travelers might be unlucky enough to require your services.

Well, one man’s misfortune is another man’s fortune – as they say. So starting a towing service will save people a lot of trouble and headaches when their vehicles eventually break down on the road. More so, if you’re particularly skillful with repairing vehicles, then you can also open a repair shop and be an auto mechanic.

That way, the towing business will bring in people in need of towing services, while you repair them.