Did you know that close to 66 percent of the adult population in the United States of America is familiar with CBD products like the CBD vape pen? There are a number of ways to use the different CBD products out there for treating anxiety and insomnia, though vape cartridges are some of the most convenient.

Choosing to vape CBD with a distillate pen will make it easy for you to get the help and relief that you need from your favorite CBD oil when you need it most. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about how to pick out the perfect marijuana vape pen or CBD vape pen for your health needs.

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CBD Vape Pen Heating Method

There are a couple of options to pick from when it comes to vape pens and the heating methods that they use. The best option to go with if you plan on using CBD vape cartridges is indirect heat vape pens. The odds of excessive combustion are much lower with these vape pens and they waste less oil.

Your other option is going with a heat conduction vape pen. You’ll get the hit of CBD or THC much faster with this method but you’ll also waste more product in the process.

Battery Life

Another factor that often gets overlooked with a CBD vape pen is the battery life. Look for a CBD or marijuana vape pen that has a lithium-ion battery for extensive battery life. You’ll never need to worry about having your distillate pen when you need it most.


There are also tons of options on the market when it comes to functionality for a distillate pen. Most vape pens are basic and designed for beginners. These pens have one button that you press when you wish to take a hit. There are other options that allow you to change the temperature in order to get the settings that you love.

Vape Pen Design

If you’re someone that loves having things that show off your personality then you’ll love the options at your disposal for a CBD vape pen. You will have no problems finding colors that you love as well as different pen materials.

When you’re working with a large budget you’re better off getting a metal or carbon fiber vape pen, the those found at Harvest. These pens are more durable and will stand up to almost anything you throw at them. They also look much nicer when compared to cheaper plastic alternatives.

Get Your First CBD Vape Pen Today

Getting a CBD vape pen is a big step toward treating the anxiety that you face in your daily life. Make sure that you’re getting a CBD or marijuana pen that has a durable and fun design that matches your personality. You should also consider important factors like distillate pen battery life and the heating method used for smoking vape cartridges.

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