About the Author

Hi everyone! My name is Carmen. A South girl living in the sunny state of Florida. I’m originally from Canon, Georgia. Which is where I got the name for my website. I’m paying homage to my beautiful hometown because it’s where I learned that no matter where you came from if you put your whole heart to it, everything is possible. The place, the people, and the culture there molded me to be the person that I am now. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

I’m currently working as a portfolio manager and loving it. It’s my favorite job yet, and I’m thinking maybe this is what I’ll do until I retire. I have worked in the finance world for at least 13 years and it’s something I really enjoy. Helping people putting their money in the right places gives me joy.

I created this blog because I would like to use my expertise to help people learn how to handle their money and make the most out of it. I also have a little bit of background on real estate and business which I will also be discussing now and then in this blog. I am hoping that people who will be reading my content would find them insightful and at the same time, motivational.